Thursday, July 31, 2008

Looking Good & Doing Good

"We consider the environment in everything we do. My basic belief is that the first step towards reducing negative environmental impact is to minimise the use of resources. Which is why I feel that a hardwearing garment in a timeless design that you can wear until it is worn out has the least possible harmful effect on the environment. That's how I personally aim to live and work.
A company can exert much more influence. Which is why both internally and in production I try to take as much care as possible of the environment. Eco-jersey from Greece is one example of this, where the supplier has changed machinery and the cotton grower his crops in a process that takes three years.
Other examples include our standards regarding the use of chemicals. The use of chlorine-free paper for our mailings, a reduction in the amount of plastic and packaging we use, and opting for shipping in preference to air or road transport for our clothes deliveries are all conscious environmental choices."